Youth Sailing diplomas
It is definitely a challenge to obtain your CWO-diplomas such as 1-man youth sailing I, one-man youth sailing II and one-man youth sailing III. At Het Veerse Gat you will obtain these diplomas in the Optimist boat. The Optimist is a small youth boat in which you can quickly learn how to sail, in a fun way. At level I you will learn the basics. After the basics you can continue with level II and the advanced level III. The youth sailing diploma is intended for kids up to 15 years old. It is also possible to obtain your CWO-diplomas youth sailing in the Laser Pico. You will then obtain the diplomas two-man youth sailing I, two-man youth sailing II and two-man youth sailing III. In this case you sail together with someone else in the Laser Pico.

Keelboat diplomas
We mostly sail with the Valk. A Valk is an open keelboat and the corresponding diploma you can obtain in the Valk is simply called “Keelboat”. As a beginner you will try to obtain as much points as possible for your CWO diploma Keelboat 1. The next step will be Keelboat II. If you already have lots of experience and passed Keelboat I and II you can go for the Keelboat III diploma!

Dinghy diploma
You can also obtain your diplomas CWO sailing dinghy. In a laser you sail alone, which is why it is officially called a one-man boat. To start in a Laser you must already have some sailing experience. The starting Laser-sailor will go for the CWO diploma sailing dinghy, one-man I. If you know the basics, you continue with dinghy boat one-man II. If you are really talented, you of course want to obtain the diploma sailing dinghy III. In 2020 dinghy lessons are not offered in all course weeks. Check the survey!